Fatal zipline accident resulting in one death and one serious injury


Sheena Mary Walshaw, former director

Legal Proceedings

Trial for failure to comply with workplace health and safety regulations

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The trial of Sheena Mary Walshaw, former director of Keydane, which operated Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours, is taking place in Cairns Magistrates Court, following a tragic zipline accident that resulted in Dean Sanderson’s death and serious injuries to his wife, Shannon Sanderson, in 2019.

Incident Overview

During a holiday in Cape Tribulation, Dean Sanderson fell from a zipline and died, while Shannon Sanderson was seriously injured. The focus of the trial is on whether Walshaw failed to prevent exposure to harm, particularly concerning the design, choice, and installation of the cabling system.

Court Proceedings

Testimonies in court questioned the installation process of the zipline, with inquiries into the use of specific tools for installing wire rope grips. Evidence presented suggested that a calibrated torque wrench, recommended for the installation, was not used, raising concerns about the adequacy of the installation process and the overall safety system in place.

Defence Arguments

Walshaw’s defense argued that there is no evidence linking any alleged failure on her part to the accident. They emphasized that a health and safety system was established, with responsibilities delegated to the operations manager at the time.

Upcoming Decision

Magistrate Kevin Priestly has adjourned his decision, with a date for the verdict delivery to be set in the upcoming week, as the court considers the evidence and arguments presented during the trial.

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