TasNetworks, a Tasmanian electricity distributor.

Incident Type

Allegations of bullying, assault, and sexual assault as revealed by a workplace psychosocial risk survey.

Date of Incident

The survey results were discussed in a parliamentary hearing, indicating ongoing issues within the company.

Penalty Imposed

Currently, no penalties have been imposed, but the organization is working to address the issues internally and instill a culture where employees feel safe to report such incidents.

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A recent psychosocial risk survey at TasNetworks has brought to light grave concerns of bullying, assault, and sexual assault within the organization, as reported in a parliamentary hearing.

Details of the Incident

In an effort to assess psychosocial risks, TasNetworks conducted a survey involving its 1,050 employees, who contributed over 2,000 comments. The majority of these comments highlighted distressing issues including bullying, assault, and sexual assault.

Operational Context

Chief Executive Sean McGoldrick initiated this survey as part of TasNetworks’ commitment to enhancing workplace safety and wellbeing. This included workshops and focus groups to better understand the psychological impact of the work environment.

Court’s Decision and Impact on Victims

While no legal proceedings have occurred yet, the company has expressed a strong commitment to addressing these issues. McGoldrick has stated the importance of dealing with these concerns thoroughly, acknowledging the severity of the allegations.

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