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Fall from scaffold resulting in death

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A Sydney builder has been found guilty of failing to comply with health and safety duties, leading to the death of a worker who fell 5 meters from a scaffold in 2019.

Key Points:

  • Worker Todd Connell died from head injuries after falling 5 meters from a scaffold.
  • Builder Jason Stitt was found guilty of failing to comply with health and safety duties.
  • The court heard the scaffold was erected higher than regulations allowed and without a licensed scaffolder.
  • Stitt failed to adequately supervise the workers or ensure the scaffold was safely installed.

Details of the Accident
On September 9, 2019, Todd Connell, a worker hired by ReidStitt Constructions, was tasked with installing scaffolding at a Sydney property. The scaffold was erected to a height of 8.65 meters, exceeding the 4-meter limit for unlicensed scaffolders. During the dismantling process two days later, Connell attempted to pass a heavy work platform to another worker, causing the handrail to give way. Connell, along with the platform and handrail, fell 5.75 meters onto a paved pathway, suffering fatal head injuries.

Legal Proceedings and Findings
ReidStitt Constructions builder operator Jason Stitt was charged with failing to comply with health and safety duties. The court found that Stitt failed to engage a licensed scaffolder, provide adequate instructions, or supervise the workers properly. His actions were deemed a significant cause of Connell’s death.

Additional Notes:

  • Sentencing for Jason Stitt is pending.
  • This incident highlights the importance of adhering to workplace safety regulations and ensuring proper training and supervision for high-risk work.

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