Various solar farm operators across Australia


Unsafe work practices, unqualified labor performing electrical tasks

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Electricians and backpackers working on remote large-scale solar farms in Australia have reported significant safety concerns, including unqualified workers performing electrical tasks and generally unsafe working conditions.

Details of the Violation

Concerns have been voiced about major safety issues at several remote solar sites. Incidents such as the mishandling of dangerous electrical cables and unqualified individuals performing specialized electrical tasks have been reported. These conditions present serious risks of electrocution and other injuries.

Key Figures and Penalties

The Electrical Trades Union (ETU) has highlighted these safety breaches and is advocating for the solar farm industry to improve safety measures and training. Despite the potential for lucrative earnings, the high-risk nature of the work and lack of proper supervision create a precarious environment for workers.

Company’s Response and Legal Consequences

As of now, responses from individual solar farm operators vary, with some acknowledging the issues and others yet to make substantial changes. The Clean Energy Council has emphasized adherence to safety standards but specific details on actions taken by the council or individual companies remain general.

Judicial Commentary

No specific judicial actions or penalties have been reported yet. However, the union’s involvement and public exposure of the conditions might prompt regulatory scrutiny and potential legal consequences for non-compliant operators.

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