Seven Star Rubber Crumb Pty Ltd

Incident Type

Workplace Injury and Safety Breaches

Date of Incident

April 2020

Penalty Imposed

$650,000 Fine (June 2023), Conviction without further punishment (July 2023)

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Seven Star Rubber Crumb Pty Ltd, a tyre recycling business in Rocklea, has faced a second conviction related to a 2020 workplace incident. This follows a substantial fine of $650,000 imposed in June 2023 for health and safety breaches.

Details of the Incident

In April 2020, a worker at the company suffered severe hand injuries, including the amputation of two fingers, while operating a de-beading machine. The incident was compounded by the company’s failure to notify Workplace Health and Safety Queensland immediately and to preserve the incident site for inspection.

Operational Context

The investigation revealed that the machinery lacked adequate safety guarding, directly exposing workers to dangerous components. The company’s subsequent actions violated protocols for incident reporting and site preservation.

Court’s Decision and Impact on Victims

In July 2023, the Brisbane Magistrates Court convicted Seven Star Rubber Crumb Pty Ltd on charges of failing to promptly notify the regulator and disturbing the incident site. Magistrate Michael Noud took into account the company’s previous $650,000 fine and its current financial state, leading to a conviction without additional fines.

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