Queensland State Emergency Services (SES)




Swept away during flood response

Legal Outcome

Charges filed against the Queensland government

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The Queensland government faces charges relating to the tragic death of SES volunteer Merryl Dray, 62, who was swept away while responding to the 2022 flood crisis in the Somerset region, west of Brisbane.

Incident Overview

Merryl Dray, an active and dedicated SES volunteer, lost her life in Coolana during a flood response operation when the vehicle she was traveling in was overwhelmed by floodwaters. The incident occurred on February 25, 2022, leading to significant mourning within the emergency services community.

Legal Proceedings

The Office of the Work Health and Safety Prosecutor has initiated legal action against the State of Queensland concerning Dray’s death. While specific details of the charges have not been disclosed, the case is set to be mentioned in the Ipswich Magistrates Court on March 25, 2024.

Community Response

Dray’s death has deeply affected the SES and the broader emergency services community, with tributes highlighting her invaluable contributions as a volunteer. A memorial plaque was unveiled in her honor, commemorating her service and dedication to helping others.

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