Manhari International


Severe injury from shredding machine



Legal Outcome

Guilty of failing to ensure workplace safety

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Manhari International, a scrap metal recycling company based in Melbourne, has been fined $40,000 after a contractor was severely injured by a shredding machine at its Tottenham facility.

Incident Overview

In August 2021, a contractor working at the facility attempted to inspect a malfunctioning conveyor belt when he was tragically pulled into the machine up to his elbow, resulting in severe injuries including broken bones and significant skin loss. The incident necessitated multiple surgeries and skin grafts, and it is unlikely the contractor will regain full use of his arm and hand.

Legal Proceedings

The Sunshine Magistrates Court heard that Manhari International had removed safety guarding from the machine, despite being aware of the risks, which were clearly identified in a risk assessment conducted in May 2020. The company pleaded guilty to two charges of failing to ensure the safety of its workplace.

Company’s Response and Legal Consequences

The court mandated Manhari International to pay a fine of $40,000 and cover costs amounting to $4,132. The company admitted to the oversight of not maintaining essential safety measures, which directly led to the accident.

Judicial Commentary

WorkSafe’s executive director of health and safety, Narelle Beer, criticized the company’s neglect in ensuring the safety of its machinery, stating that the accident could have been easily prevented with proper safety protocols in place. She emphasized the importance of maintaining all safety measures to prevent such catastrophic incidents.

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