Shipping Container Company

Incident Type

Workplace Explosion Resulting in Loss of Eye

Date of Incident

July 26

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Cuong Le, a contract worker in Melbourne, suffered a catastrophic injury leading to the loss of his eye in a workplace accident in July. Following the incident, he has urged insurance companies to improve their support for injured workers, after initially being misinformed about his entitlement to a claim.

Details of the Incident

While working at a shipping container company in Port Melbourne, Cuong was making storage troughs when an explosion occurred. The blast, caused by an uncleaned drum filled with a flammable solvent, resulted in severe injuries, including the loss of his eye, multiple facial fractures, nerve damage, and hearing loss.

Operational Context

The incident underscores the risks associated with handling hazardous materials and the importance of proper safety protocols in the workplace. Cuong’s case highlights the challenges faced by contract workers in understanding their rights and accessing appropriate support following workplace injuries.

Court’s Decision and Impact on Victims

While legal proceedings are ongoing, no court decision has been made yet. WorkSafe has investigated the incident, and Cuong is awaiting the outcome. He faces challenges adjusting to life with one eye and is dealing with constant headaches and migraines. He is represented by a legal team in seeking compensation for damages relating to his workplace injury.

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