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Fatal boom pump collapse



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A Melbourne concrete pumping company, Prisbel Concrete Pumping Pty Ltd, has been fined $50,000 following the death of a worker who was struck by a collapsing boom pump. The incident occurred in St Albans in May 2021.

Key Points

  • A 40-year-old worker was killed by a collapsing boom pump while pouring concrete.
  • The boom pump collapse was caused by a metal fatigue crack that was potentially detectable for at least a year.
  • Prisbel Concrete Pumping Pty Ltd pleaded guilty to failing to provide or maintain a safe plant.
  • WorkSafe Victoria emphasized the importance of regular and thorough safety testing and maintenance for machinery.

Details of the Accident
The worker was using a truck-mounted concrete pumping machine to pour a concrete slab when the 32-meter boom pump suddenly collapsed. The boom struck the worker on the back of the head, knocking him into the wet concrete and causing fatal injuries.

WorkSafe Investigation and Legal Consequences
A WorkSafe investigation found that the metal fatigue crack responsible for the collapse was likely detectable for at least a year prior to the incident. Although Prisbel had arranged regular inspections of the boom pump since 2010, none of these inspections involved disassembling the unit to test critical components.

The company pleaded guilty to a single charge of failing to provide or maintain a safe plant and was fined $50,000 in Melbourne Magistrates Court, in addition to being ordered to pay $8,179 in costs.

Importance of Safety Measures
WorkSafe executive director Sam Jenkin highlighted the preventable nature of the tragedy, emphasizing the importance of proper safety testing and maintenance when working with machinery. He stated, “A worker has lost his life, leaving behind devastated family and friends whose lives will never be the same. Proper safety testing and maintenance is crucial when working with machinery – it’s just part of doing business and there’s no excuse for failing to test regularly and thoroughly.”

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