Macquarie Builders Pty Ltd

Incident Date

April 24, 2019



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Macquarie Builders Pty Ltd, a prominent Tasmanian construction firm, has been fined $115,000 due to safety breaches that resulted in a worker suffering severe injuries after falling onto a star picket from a scaffold.

Details of the Incident

The accident occurred on April 24, 2019, during the construction of new public amenities at Kingston Beach. The worker was installing timber battens under roof rafters on a mobile scaffold situated next to a sandy drop. The scaffold slipped over the concrete slab’s edge, causing him to fall 1.5 meters onto a star picket used for boxing in a concrete pour area.

Court Proceedings and Outcome

The Hobart Magistrates Court found Macquarie Builders guilty of failing to ensure worker safety and not preserving the incident site. The court’s findings highlighted the company’s usual proactive safety stance but recognized shortcomings in this instance. Deputy Chief Magistrate Michael Daly emphasized the lack of sinister motives in the company’s actions.

Victim’s Impact and Company’s Penalty

A victim impact statement detailed the worker’s profound physical and psychological damage, expressing shattered dreams and strained relationships. Macquarie Builders was subsequently fined $115,000 for their safety lapses.

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