Fatal mine collapse

Companies Involved

Victory Minerals


Conducted by WorkSafe Victoria

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Following a tragic collapse at the Ballarat Gold Mine, which resulted in the death of a worker and critical injuries to another, an intensive investigation is underway. Victory Minerals, the mine operator, has countered union claims regarding safety practice reductions.

Incident Overview

A section of the Ballarat Gold Mine collapsed, causing the death of a 37-year-old worker and leaving a 21-year-old critically injured. The incident occurred while the workers were involved in “air legging,” a mining technique scrutinized for its safety.

Union Allegations and Company Response

The Australian Workers’ Union criticized the mine’s safety protocols, specifically the use of air legging. Victory Minerals responded, asserting their commitment to safety and refuting claims of reduced safety oversight, emphasizing that no underground safety professionals were made redundant.

Legal and Regulatory Response

WorkSafe Victoria has initiated a comprehensive investigation to ascertain the incident’s causes and ensure such tragedies are not repeated. The AWU is advocating for industrial manslaughter charges, highlighting the need for stringent enforcement of workplace safety laws.

Community and Workplace Impact

The mining community and the victim’s families are deeply affected, with the company and unions emphasizing the necessity of robust safety measures and thorough investigations to prevent future incidents.

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