Fatal snake bite during an attempted removal


Jerromy Brookes, non-permitted individual


Conducted by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

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The death of Jerromy Brookes from a snake bite at Green Leaves Early Learning Centre in Burdell, Townsville, has triggered a Workplace Health and Safety Queensland investigation, highlighting the critical need for adherence to safety protocols in wildlife encounters.

Incident Overview

Jerromy Brookes, 47, was attempting to remove a snake from the childcare centre when he was bitten multiple times. Lacking a permit for snake handling, he returned home, where his condition deteriorated, leading to his death despite his wife’s first aid efforts.

Legal and Safety Implications

This incident raises significant questions about liability and the legal obligations of businesses to ensure the safety of everyone on their premises. Experts emphasize the necessity for businesses to have clear procedures for managing risks, including wildlife threats.

Expert Commentary

Legal professionals stress that businesses must have action plans for such incidents and must only engage qualified individuals for wildlife removal. The case serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of handling wildlife without the proper permits and training.

Regulatory Perspective

Queensland laws require individuals removing snakes to possess a damage mitigation permit, underscoring the importance of specialized training and experience in handling potentially dangerous animals safely.

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