Truck driver crushed by steel beams


Traumatic brain injury, double leg amputation

Legal Outcome

$140,000 fine for Arrow Worldwide

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A tragic incident at Arrow Worldwide’s West Melbourne warehouse resulted in a truck driver suffering catastrophic injuries, including a traumatic brain injury and the loss of both legs, after being crushed by steel beams, sparking a comprehensive WorkSafe investigation and a substantial fine for the company.

Incident Overview

In May 2021, while at Arrow Worldwide’s premises to collect a load, a truck driver endured a devastating accident when a bundle of 12-meter-long steel beams toppled from a flatbed trailer and struck him, leading to grave injuries.

WorkSafe Investigation and Outcome

WorkSafe’s investigation revealed significant safety lapses at Arrow Worldwide, including the absence of a system to segregate pedestrians from machinery and a lack of necessary inductions and safety instructions for visiting transport drivers. The company’s failure to protect non-employees from risks culminated in a $140,000 fine and additional costs.

Implications for Workplace Safety

This incident underscores the critical importance of implementing stringent safety measures to prevent such catastrophic accidents. WorkSafe’s findings and the ensuing penalty highlight the non-negotiable responsibility of employers to maintain a safe environment for all individuals on their premises.

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