Hungry Panda


Zhuoying "Joy" Wang, Delivery Rider


Professional retaliation after union activism

Legal Action

Fair Work Commission case for unfair treatment

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Delivery rider Zhuoying Wang, known as Joy, faced professional retaliation from Hungry Panda after voicing concerns about pay and safety and participating in union activities. Her struggle underscores the challenges gig economy workers face in asserting their rights.

Incident Overview

After raising issues related to pay cuts and safety, Joy experienced a significant reduction in her work orders, impacting her financial stability. Her peaceful protest at Hungry Panda’s office led to the company calling the police, alleging disruption, though police found no evidence of misconduct.

Company’s Response

Hungry Panda asserts that the reduction in Joy’s orders was due to her alleged disruptive behavior, not her union involvement. The company maintains it respects workers’ rights to unionize and has committed to adhering to upcoming workplace laws for gig workers.

Legal and Union Perspective

Joy, with the support of the Transport Workers Union, has taken her case to the Fair Work Commission, seeking justice for the alleged retaliatory actions. The union emphasizes the need for fair treatment and safe working conditions in the gig economy.

Upcoming Workplace Reforms

The case highlights the broader context of impending workplace reforms set to establish minimum standards for gig workers, ensuring companies like Hungry Panda adhere to fair labor practices.

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