Tony Scott


Self-employed, previously salaried in construction

Insurance Company


Claim Rejected

Due to change from salaried to contractual employment

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Tony Scott, a 62-year-old construction worker, is legally challenging his insurance company, MLC, after they denied his income insurance claim. Scott, who suffered severe health setbacks from lymphoma and COVID-19, claims the denial has cost him over $200,000 in lost wages.

Background of the Case

Scott was placed in a coma due to COVID-19 shortly after undergoing treatment for lymphoma. During his recovery from cancer, he changed his employment status from salaried to contractual—a change that unknowingly jeopardized his income insurance coverage.

Details of the Insurance Issue

Despite paying for income protection with MLC, Scott’s claim was rejected based on a policy clause related to his employment status change, which was buried in 230 pages of policy documents. His lawyer argues that there was no connection between his change in employment status and the events leading to his financial loss.

Legal Action and Statements

Scott’s lawyer are preparing a legal case against MLC, arguing that the policy should still apply given the circumstances. MLC has stated that they are aware of the pending legal action. Scott criticizes the insurance company for lacking a moral compass in handling his claim.

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