Bunnings Warehouse, Seven Hills, NSW


Merchandiser for Neutrog


Serious back injury requiring surgery

Legal Outcome

$1.25 million compensation

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In a significant legal victory, Sarah Jane, a former employee at Bunnings Warehouse in Seven Hills, NSW, has been awarded a $1.25 million compensation package for a back injury sustained at work, marking the end of a prolonged six-year legal battle.

Incident Overview

While working as a merchandiser for the fertiliser brand Neutrog in 2018, Jane, then 31, sustained a serious back injury from moving heavy fertiliser buckets. The injury, which occurred as she was rearranging the products on a low shelf, required lumbar spine surgery, severely impacting her ability to work.

Legal Proceedings

The NSW Supreme Court ruled in favor of Jane, awarding her $750,000 in damages from Bunnings and an additional approximate $500,000 in court costs. Neutrog was also ordered to contribute to these costs. This outcome is a testament to the resilience and determination of Jane and her legal team, led by Luke Power of Turner Freeman Lawyers, despite initial resistance from Bunnings.

Client’s Reaction

Jane expressed immense relief at the settlement, which not only provides her with financial support but also acknowledges the emotional toll of the ordeal. The compensation, while not fully remedying the extent of her injuries, offers a significant measure of relief and vindication after years of legal struggle.

Implications for Workplace Safety

This case highlights the critical importance of workplace safety and the responsibility of employers to ensure a safe environment for their employees. It also underscores the legal avenues available for workers injured on the job to seek and obtain rightful compensation for their injuries.

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