Incident 1

September 2023, warehouse setting, bridge crane accident

Incident 2

October 2023, near gantry crane’s rail system, worker struck by crane wheel


Multiple workers injured, including serious leg and foot injuries

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Recent incidents involving bridge and gantry cranes have raised significant safety concerns, with serious injuries reported among workers due to accidents in warehouse settings. These events underscore the critical importance of adherence to safety protocols and proper equipment handling.

Incident Overview

In September 2023, a severe accident involving a bridge crane (overhead travelling crane) resulted in injuries to two young workers. A bundle of steel lengths, weighing over one tonne, fell from the crane as a lifting chain slipped off one end of the bundle while being moved. This incident occurred inside a warehouse, striking one worker directly and injuring another who was assisting.

Following this, in October 2023, another worker sustained serious leg and foot injuries after being hit by a wheel of a gantry crane. The worker was operating a jackhammer near the crane’s rail system when the crane became active and one of its wheels struck him.

Safety Measures and Investigations

These incidents have prompted initial investigations to understand the underlying causes and to identify lapses in safety measures. The focus has been on the operational protocols of dual hoist bridge cranes and the situational awareness of workers near active crane areas.

Impact on Workplace Safety

These accidents highlight the need for stringent safety protocols, regular equipment checks, and comprehensive training for workers operating or working in proximity to heavy machinery such as bridge and gantry cranes. They also serve as a reminder of the potential hazards present in industrial and warehouse settings.

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