Cruise Ship

Carnival Legend

Incident Type

Propulsion/Power Loss

Date of Accident

February 23, 2024

Location of Accident

En route from The Bahamas to the USA

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On the evening of February 23, 2024, the Carnival Legend encountered an engine issue while on its return journey from The Bahamas to the United States, leading to a reduction in the ship’s maximum cruising speed. This mechanical setback necessitated urgent repairs, prompting a temporary halt and an unexpected delay in the ship’s schedule.

Details of the Incident

The propulsion problem not only delayed the Carnival Legend’s return to its homeport in Baltimore but also compelled Carnival Cruise Line (CCL) to notify passengers of the subsequent voyage about a departure delay initially slated for February 25. Efforts to rectify the engine issue included a brief, unscheduled stop at Port Canaveral on the morning of February 24 for a medical evacuation, further extending the delay.

Operational Adjustments and Compensation

As a result of these disruptions, CCL adjusted the following cruise itinerary from a 7-day to a 6-day voyage, with alterations to port calls and a shortened visit to Nassau. Passengers affected by these changes were compensated with a pro-rated refund for one day of their cruise fare, an onboard credit of US$100 per stateroom, and adjustments to pre-purchased packages. Additionally, CCL offered reimbursements for passengers with affected flight arrangements.

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