Cruise Ship

Spectrum Of The Seas

Incident Type

Passenger Death (overboard)

Date of Accident

31st July 2023

Location of Accident

Singapore Strait

Total Number of Deaths


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On the 31st July 2023, while the ship was navigating the Singapore Strait, a 64-year-old female passenger fell overboard from her cabin balcony after climbing onto the railing. Security footage confirmed the event.

Details of the Incident

The female passenger was traveling with her 70-year-old husband. Upon waking during the night and noticing her absence, he promptly alerted the ship’s security personnel. The onboard security CCTV footage corroborated his account, clearly capturing the incident where the passenger was seen sitting on the cabin balcony’s railing before falling overboard.

The ship’s authorities reported the overboard situation to the local law enforcement bodies upon docking at Port Singapore, around 7:50 am (~23:50 UTC). In response, the MRCC Singapore (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) launched an immediate search and rescue operation. Unfortunately, despite their rigorous efforts, the passenger’s body was not located.

Operational Context

This unfortunate event marked the culmination of the 4-day “Port Klang and Penang Cruise”. The cruise, which had an itinerary running from July 27th to July 31st, included round trips from Singapore with stops at notable destinations like Malaysia’s Port Klang/Kuala Lumpur on July 28th and Penang Island (Georgetown) on July 29th.

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