Cruise Ship

MSC Armonia

Incident Type

Crew / Passenger Death (Overboard)

Date of Accident

December 13, 2023

Location of Accident

Atlantic Ocean, en route from Europe to Brazil

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On December 13, 2023, MSC Armonia experienced a tragic incident during its westbound Transatlantic crossing from Europe to Brazil. A 40-year-old male passenger, an American national, reportedly went overboard from his cabin’s balcony after an argument with his travel companion. This unfortunate event led to the involvement of Brazilian authorities and an investigation upon the ship’s arrival in Recife.

Details of the Incident

The incident occurred in the early hours, around 5 am, when the passenger fell into the sea. He was reported missing by his companion approximately four hours later, around 9 am. Subsequently, the cabin was sealed off for investigation. Upon docking in Recife, Brazilian police commenced an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

MSC Cruises stated that the man was alone at the time of the incident and jumped intentionally from the ship. A search and rescue operation was not conducted following the incident.

Operational Context

MSC Armonia was in the midst of a 23-day relocation voyage from Venice to Rio de Janeiro at the time of the incident. The itinerary, spanning from November 26 to December 19, included stops in various ports across Croatia, Malta, Italy, Spain, Canary Islands, and Brazil. The incident added a somber note to the voyage and highlighted the importance of passenger safety and well-being during long-haul cruises.

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