Cruise Ship

Goddess of the Night

Incident Type

Other Incidents – Charter for G7 Summit Security

Date of Accident

June 2024

Location of Accident

Port Brindisi, Apulia Region, Italy

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In preparation for the 50th G7 Summit to be held in Fasano, Italy, the cruise ship Goddess of the Night has been chartered to accommodate a large contingent of police officers. The ship will serve as a floating hotel, offering vital support to security operations during this major international event.

Details of the Charter

The Goddess of the Night, owned by Seajets Group, will be docked at Port Brindisi from June 9 to June 17, 2024. This arrangement is part of a broader security plan for the G7 Summit, involving approximately 4,500 police officers, 2,600 of whom will be accommodated on the ship. The remaining officers will stay in various land-based hotels in Bari and Brindisi.

Operational Preparations and Features

The decision to use the Goddess of the Night as a floating hotel was finalized after a detailed inspection by representatives from Italy’s Ministry of the Interior and the Police. The ship was selected due to its capacity and the amenities it offers, including enhanced security measures such as stateroom safes for weapon storage and specialized rooms for departmental equipment.

Cruise Ship Adaptations for Security Needs

For the duration of the G7 Summit, each stateroom aboard the Goddess of the Night will accommodate up to two passengers. The ship will also provide three meals daily to meet the logistical needs of the stationed officers. This setup not only ensures the security personnel are well-rested and nourished but also consolidates the security operations by keeping a large number of officers in a single, secure location.

Aftermath and Security Impact

The utilization of Goddess of the Night for such a critical role underscores the flexibility and strategic importance of cruise ships beyond traditional leisure activities. It also highlights the collaborative efforts between maritime businesses and governmental bodies in ensuring the safety and success of significant global events.

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