Cruise Ship

MSC Poesia

Incident Type

Fire Accident

Date of Accident

December 28, 2023

Location of Accident

Between Marseille and Barcelona

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On December 28, 2023, MSC Poesia experienced a fire accident on its Boccaccio Deck 4 during a Mediterranean cruise. The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning as the ship was navigating between Marseille and Barcelona. The fire, which started around 00:20, was promptly extinguished by 00:45, preventing any further escalation.

Details of the Incident

The fire broke out in one of the lower decks of the ship, specifically the Boccaccio Deck 4. The crew’s quick response ensured that the fire was contained and extinguished within 25 minutes. While the cause of the fire has not yet been announced, the incident did not result in any reported injuries or significant damage. The ship continued its journey following the incident.

Operational Context

This fire incident took place at the start of MSC Poesia’s 10-day “Mediterranean Cruise,” which began on December 27 and was scheduled to return on January 6. The itinerary included stops in various Mediterranean ports, including Barcelona, Gibraltar, Lisbon, Cadiz-Sevilla, Malaga, Civitavecchia-Rome, and Genoa-Milan. The incident underscores the importance of safety protocols and emergency preparedness on cruise ships.

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