Cruise Ship

Caledonian Sky

Incident Type

Crew Wage Theft

Date of Accident

Early September 2023

Location of Accident

Port Broome, Australia

Total Cruise Crew


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Introduction: Crew Wage Theft on Caledonian Sky 2023

In early September 2023, an alarming situation unfolded as a Crew Wage Theft on Caledonian Sky 2023 was reported. An investigation by the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) revealed that 76 crew members were systematically underpaid, amounting to a staggering AUD 2 million (~GBP 1M / ~USD 1.3M).

Details of the Crew Wage Theft on Caledonian Sky 2023

The investigation, spearheaded by ITF, took place in Port Broome and discovered that Australian Pacific Tours (APT) and its affiliates, including Sea Chefs, were responsible for the Crew Wage Theft on Caledonian Sky 2023. The ship’s crew was deliberately underpaid over a 6-month period, culminating in the loss of millions.

APT, a Melbourne-based company, took advantage of the ship’s Bahamas-flagged status to sidestep Australian laws and taxes. This flag-of-convenience tactic allowed them to pay the crew below the mandated award wages, despite the ship operating in Australian waters under a Temporary License.

Operational Context of the Crew Wage Theft on Caledonian Sky 2023

This disturbing Crew Wage Theft on Caledonian Sky 2023 has triggered a multifaceted response. After the incident came to light, APT severed ties with Sea Chefs, the company that previously employed the ship’s crew. This action further complicated matters, making it nearly impossible for the crew to recover their lost wages.

Both the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and the Fair Work Ombudsman have responded to the allegations, and further investigations are underway.

In a surprising twist, the vessel was sold in August 2023 to Captain Cook Cruises Fiji, and is set to begin operations in November 2023 from its new homeport in Nadi, Fiji.

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