Cruise Ship

Carnival Radiance

Incident Type

Boat Rescue

Date of Accident

May 25, 2024

Location of Accident

En route from Los Angeles to Mexico

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In a dramatic rescue at sea, the crew of the Carnival Radiance successfully rescued 25 individuals, including three children, who were stranded on a small motorized boat. The rescue operation took place on May 25, 2024, while the ship was en route from Los Angeles to Mexico.

Details of the Incident

The Carnival Radiance responded to a distress call from the US Coast Guard, which provided GPS coordinates to the location of the stranded boat. Quickly altering its course, the cruise ship reached the small boat, rescuing all 25 aboard. The individuals rescued were provided with medical assistance, food, and water by the ship’s crew, ensuring their immediate needs were met.

Operational Context

Following the rescue, arrangements were made for a rendezvous with a US Coast Guard vessel, which then took the rescued individuals ashore. The Carnival Radiance continued its voyage without further delay, demonstrating the effectiveness of its crew in handling emergency situations.

Aftermath and Continuing Journey

This rescue operation highlights the preparedness and humanitarian commitment of the Carnival Radiance crew. The incident occurred during the ship’s 3-day “Baja Mexico Cruise,” which includes a stop in Ensenada, Mexico. Despite the unforeseen event, the itinerary remained on schedule, showcasing the resilience and efficiency of the crew in managing emergencies while maintaining their cruising schedule.

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