Cruise Ship

Costa Serena

Incident Type

Boat Rescue

Date of Accident

December 25, 2023

Location of Accident

Eastern Arabian Sea, Indian waters

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On Christmas Day, December 25, 2023, the Costa Serena participated in a critical boat rescue operation in the eastern Arabian Sea. While en route from Mumbai to Cochin in Indian waters, the ship’s crew, led by Captain Andrea Bardi, responded swiftly to rescue five fishermen stranded at sea. The incident began with an alert from passengers and exemplified the importance of vigilance and quick response in maritime emergencies.

Details of the Incident

The rescue operation commenced around 12:30 PM local time (7 AM UTC) after two passengers on the Costa Serena noticed people in lifejackets approximately 2 kilometers away. The ship’s officers immediately informed the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and initiated a search and rescue mission. Captain Bardi reduced the ship’s speed and altered its course to aid the stranded fishermen.

After several hours of search efforts by the Costa Serena, an ICG vessel arrived at the scene, taking over the operation with the coordinates provided by Captain Bardi. The fishermen were successfully rescued by the ICG and reported to be in good health.

Operational Context

This boat rescue occurred at the start of Costa Serena’s 5-day “India Cruise from Mumbai,” which began on December 24 and was set to visit Cochin on December 26 and Bangaram Island/Lakshadweep on December 27. The incident highlighted the cruise ship’s role in maritime safety and the cooperation between commercial vessels and coast guard authorities in rescue operations.

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