Real Estate Photography

Who is Carter Capner Law acting for?

Professional photographers who supply pictures, videos, graphics and floor plans in digital format to real estate agents for use in real estate sales campaigns.

What is the claim about?

Pictures, videos, graphics or floorplans uploaded by agents to real estate marketing websites including real estate.com have in many cases been used contrary to your rights of authorship (copyright) without payment to you of the compensation to which you are entitled.

This can occur if such material was:

  • put to an additional use by the real estate marketing website itself;
  • supplied to third parties, for example corelogic.com and RPdata.com for their separate use;
  • reproduced for an additional purpose;
  • manipulated for example by superimposing a third-party logo.

Is this relevant to me?

Yes, if you supplied any such material for use in real estate agency marketing campaigns over the last 10 years.

What should I do?

Carter Capner Law is in the course of preparing proceedings on behalf of professional photographer clients. If you are interested in being included as a potential claimant, please register your details so we can get in touch with you about your prospects of success.

What information do I need to collect?

Your registration of interest will provide us with some basic details so we can notify you of developments in the recovery proceedings.

Further information will however be required to advise you about prospects of success in your particular case. You should assemble copies of your invoices. The material supplied to the agencies also needs to be assembled or at least be able to be identified by reference to each particular property referred to in your invoices. You should then prepare a schedule that identifies in relation to each property:

  • the location of the property (address);
  • the type of material supplied in relation to that property i.e. pictures, videos, graphics or floor plans;
  • the agency to whom the material was supplied;
  • the date (or month/year) in which the material was supplied;
  • if you have seen your work reproduced elsewhere, where you saw it;
  • whether you have demanded the unauthorised use of your work cease.