Ganges class action update

Given the size of this action we have partnered with another law firm to start this unfair contract terms lawsuit. Both firms are working together and with senior barristers to:

  1. Secure litigation funding;
  2. Identify the range of respondents;
  3. Identify the extent of damages;
  4. Select lead applicants; and
  5. Prepare a Statement of Claim.

We are meeting with forensic accountants with financial experts in relation to (c). February 2024

Who is Carter Capner Law acting for?

More information TBA

What is the claim about?

A consumer class action for breaches of Queensland legislation. Claimants: > 50,000; Estimated Group Loss: >$100 mil

Is this relevant to me?

More information TBA

What should I do?

More information TBA

What information do I need to collect?

More information TBA

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