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A class action is being prepared to file on behalf of businesses against suppliers of photocopiers, printers, office automation services and internet telephony services by reason of the imposition of exit obstacles and demands for early termination of long term contracts.

Consumers and small businesses (less than 20 personnel whether full-time, part-time or casual) are protected against unfair terms in “standard form” contracts for the supply of goods or services. Even if you are not a small business but your supplier has less than 20 personnel you gain the same protection.

What is the claim about?

Photocopier sellers have for decades operated under a “forever customer” business model whereby customers were confused with superfluous paperwork – each containing additional customer obligations  and never-ending contract termination notification obligations which allowed dealers to purport that a substantial “break lease” or termination charge was applicable even at the end of a five year term when the original equipment supplied was already worthless.

Dealers also offered “upgrades” or “additional services” at a seemingly attractive cost towards the end of the original equipment term to avoid having to pay any termination charge. That device was for the purpose of having customers sign on for another five or more years.

Photocopier dealers have now diversified into other fields including – office automation services and Internet telephony services – using the same exit obstacle and forever customer business model.

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