February 28, 2024

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Dianne Herbener, a 70-year-old Queensland woman, has tragically passed away following a collision in Bouldercombe on February 19. Dianne and her husband, Peter, were traveling to see their great-grandson when their vehicle was involved in a crash, leading to Dianne’s death days later in Rockhampton Hospital.

Incident Details
The accident occurred early in the morning when the Herbeners’ Mazda 323 was allegedly struck by a Nissan Navara, driven by 36-year-old Clinton Benjamin Leisha, who is accused of fleeing the scene. The crash has left Peter Herbener in a serious but stable condition, while the community reels from the loss of Dianne.

Legal Proceedings
Clinton Benjamin Leisha faces multiple charges, including failing to remain at the scene and dangerous driving. His legal matters are currently proceeding through Rockhampton Magistrates Court, as the investigation into the crash continues.

Community Impact
Dianne Herbener’s death has deeply affected the Mount Morgan and Bouldercombe communities, where she was known for her active role, particularly as president of the Mount Morgan Historical Museum. Tributes have poured in, recognizing her contribution to the community and the void her passing has created.

As the community mourns the loss of Dianne Herbener, the incident serves as a somber reminder of the consequences of road accidents. The ongoing investigation seeks to bring clarity and justice to the tragic event, while the family and community remember Dianne’s legacy and contribution.