May 21, 2024

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A grave car accident in Perth’s north has resulted in the death of a 92-year-old woman, a month after the vehicle she was in collided with a residential house.

Incident Details
The accident occurred on Amelia Street in Westminster when the driver of the car lost control while heading east. The car veered off the road and struck the front of a house on Vincent Avenue at approximately 1:40 pm on April 15. The elderly passenger was critically injured and subsequently taken to the hospital.

Emergency Response and Medical Efforts
Upon the impact, emergency services were promptly called to the scene, and the 92-year-old woman was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition. Despite the best efforts of medical personnel, she passed away a month later due to complications from her injuries.

Investigation and Appeal for Information
The Western Australia Police Force has launched a thorough investigation into the crash. Detectives are examining the factors that led to the driver losing control and are appealing to the public for any information or dashcam footage that might help clarify the sequence of events.

Community Impact
This tragic incident has deeply affected the local community, highlighting ongoing concerns about road safety and the well-being of elderly passengers in vehicles. It serves as a poignant reminder of the devastating consequences that can follow traffic accidents, especially involving vulnerable individuals.

As investigations continue, the community and authorities are focused on understanding this tragic event fully to prevent future occurrences. The police urge anyone who might have witnessed the crash or has relevant information to step forward to assist with their enquiries.

Further Information: Witnesses or individuals with any information related to the crash are encouraged to contact the Western Australia Police Force or submit information anonymously through Crime Stoppers.