April 24, 2024

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A severe traffic incident occurred on Kings Hwy at Braidwood, impacting commuters between Canberra and Sydney’s south coast. The collision involved a truck and a car, resulting in significant injuries and road closures.

Incident Overview
The crash took place between Narranghi Rd and Cargills Ln around 8:45 am. Emergency services responded swiftly, and the scene was attended to by paramedics who provided immediate care to the injured.

Emergency Response and Medical Efforts
The 50-year-old male driver of the car sustained serious injuries and was airlifted to Canberra Hospital for urgent medical treatment. The truck driver, aged 57, was assessed at the scene and found to be uninjured.

Traffic Impact and Road Closure
Following the crash, eastbound lanes of the Kings Hwy were closed, causing significant traffic delays. Authorities established local diversions to manage the traffic flow and advised drivers to seek alternative routes.

Investigation Status
NSW Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash. The investigation aims to determine the cause and potential contributing factors to this serious incident.

Community Impact
The crash has raised concerns about road safety on the Kings Hwy, a major route between Canberra and Sydney’s south coast. Local authorities are examining traffic management strategies to prevent future accidents.

Safety Reminders for Drivers
In light of this incident, drivers are reminded to remain vigilant, especially on highways where heavy vehicles are present. Adhering to road safety rules and being aware of road conditions can help reduce the risk of accidents.

As the community waits for more information from the ongoing investigation, the focus remains on supporting the injured and improving safety measures on Kings Hwy to protect all road users.