February 13, 2024

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A grave traffic incident occurred in inner-city Brisbane, leading to the hospitalization of Queensland Greens MP, Dr. Amy MacMahon. The collision, involving multiple vehicles, took place on Main Street in Kangaroo Point, disrupting traffic for several hours and drawing immediate emergency responses.

Incident Details
The accident occurred around 6.30 pm on Monday, involving Dr. MacMahon’s vehicle and another car. Initial reports from the scene describe a Hyundai i30 traveling south on Main Street colliding with a Toyota Prius attempting a right turn from Baines Road. The impact of the collision was significant, necessitating medical attention for those involved.

Investigation Findings
The Brisbane Police’s forensic crash unit has taken up the investigation to unravel the sequence of events leading to the crash. The focus is on understanding the dynamics of the collision and determining any contributing factors to this serious incident.

Community Reaction
The community, along with federal Greens MP Max Chandler-Mather, has expressed relief that Dr. MacMahon’s injuries, while serious, are not life-threatening. There has been an outpouring of gratitude towards the first responders and healthcare workers providing care to those affected.

As Dr. Amy MacMahon recovers in the hospital, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers on the road. The Brisbane community and the Greens party await further details from the investigation, hoping for a swift and complete recovery for all involved.