April 1, 2024

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A serene evening turned tragic in Cooranbong, west of Morriset in NSW’s Lake Macquarie, when a two-seater All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) accident resulted in one man losing his life and another being left in a critical state, highlighting the unpredictable nature of quad bike riding.

Incident Details
The accident occurred around 7 pm on Sunday on a fire trail, where the quad bike rolled over, causing severe injuries to both occupants. Despite rapid response and medical intervention, a 35-year-old passenger succumbed to his injuries at the scene, while the 30-year-old driver was transported to the hospital in a critical condition.

Emergency Response and Investigation
Emergency services swiftly responded to the scene, where they provided immediate assistance. The area was cordoned off as a crime scene, with the Crash Investigation Unit taking the lead to determine the sequence of events leading to the crash, aiming to provide clarity and potentially prevent future accidents.

Community Impact and Safety Reminder
This tragic event has undoubtedly cast a shadow over the Cooranbong community, serving as a poignant reminder of the inherent dangers associated with ATV use. It calls attention to the necessity of adhering to safety guidelines and the importance of cautious operation of such vehicles to avert similar incidents.

As the community mourns and the survivor battles for his life, the focus is on understanding the factors that contributed to this unfortunate incident. The ongoing investigation aims not only to elucidate the crash’s circumstances but also to reinforce the critical message of safety and vigilance in ATV riding, honoring the memory of the deceased and safeguarding the well-being of others.