April 16, 2024

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In a sobering conclusion to a tragic road incident, Kelly Renee Liddicoat has been sentenced to six-and-a-half years’ imprisonment for her role in the deaths of two mechanics on the Sunshine Coast.

Details of the Incident and Trial
In April 2022, Liddicoat was driving under the influence of prescription medications when she struck Aaron Pitt, 25, and Lleyton Bartlett, 22, who were attending to a broken-down bus. Following an eight-day trial, she was convicted of dangerous driving causing death.

Sentencing and Legal Proceedings
The court, presided over by Judge Michael Williamson, noted Liddicoat’s lack of remorse as she contested the charges. She will be eligible for parole starting April 15, 2026, and is disqualified from driving for five years starting from the sentencing date.

Victim Impact Statements
During the sentencing, the court heard heart-wrenching statements from the victims’ families. The statements detailed the profound and ongoing grief, psychological impact, and the irreplaceable loss suffered by their families.

Community and Family Reactions
The families expressed their devastation, describing the sentencing as the beginning of their own life sentences. They had hoped for the maximum penalty of 14 years to reflect the severity and the permanent loss they must endure.

Legal Implications and Public Safety
Prosecutors highlighted Liddicoat’s extensive history of driving infractions, arguing for a stern sentence to serve as a deterrent against similar reckless behavior on the roads. The defense acknowledged her medical conditions but struggled to mitigate her responsibility given the circumstances of the crash.

This case serves as a poignant reminder of the responsibilities every driver bears upon entering the road and the irreversible consequences that can result from negligence. The community, while relieved at the closure of the case, continues to mourn the senseless loss of life.