March 30, 2024

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A distressing incident unfolded in Port Broughton, SA, where two quad bikes collided with a fence on a private property, leading to one fatality and leaving another individual with significant injuries, highlighting the potential dangers associated with quad bike use.

Incident Details
The accident occurred around 1:30 am on Saturday when two individuals riding quad bikes on a property near the Spencer Hwy encountered a tragic crash into a fence. The collision resulted in immediate and dire consequences for both riders involved.

Casualties and Emergency Response
A 50-year-old man from Hackham was pronounced dead at the scene, marking a sorrowful loss. Concurrently, a 39-year-old Pennington man suffered serious injuries and required urgent airlift transportation to the Royal Adelaide Hospital, where he is receiving critical care.

Investigation and Safety Reminder
Authorities are conducting a thorough investigation to ascertain the specifics of the crash, with findings to be compiled in a report for the coroner. This tragic event serves as a potent reminder of the inherent risks associated with operating quad bikes, especially in off-road conditions.

As the community comes to terms with this tragic event, the focus is on understanding the circumstances that led to the crash and reinforcing safety measures to prevent future occurrences. The incident is a somber reminder of the critical need for vigilance and adherence to safety protocols when handling all-terrain vehicles.