April 24, 2024

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The Woolloongabba community and safety advocates are calling for urgent action following a fatal incident involving a bus and a young cyclist, Max McDowall, at a local intersection.

Incident Overview
On May 27, 2021, Max McDowall was tragically killed when a bus, making a left turn onto a dedicated busway, struck him as he was riding on a shared bicycle and pedestrian path. The intersection’s traffic lights, which allowed pedestrians and turning vehicles to move simultaneously, have come under scrutiny during a recent inquest.

Testimony and Legal Proceedings
During the inquest, forensic crash investigator Sergeant Carl Cutler expressed his alarm at the traffic light configuration, suggesting it dangerously mixed pedestrians and vehicles. Meanwhile, bus driver Andrew Rudnicki defended his actions, stating visibility issues prevented him from seeing McDowall.

Community and Family Reactions
The McDowall family’s pursuit for answers has catalyzed the inquest, seeking improvements to prevent similar tragedies. Community members and safety advocates are closely monitoring the proceedings, pushing for significant traffic safety reforms in Woolloongabba.

Safety Enhancements Proposed
In response to the incident, changes have been made to the traffic light sequences at the intersection to prevent future conflicts. However, advocates argue that more comprehensive safety measures are necessary to safeguard cyclists and pedestrians.

As the inquest continues, Woolloongabba faces critical questions about its commitment to traffic safety and the necessary steps to protect its residents. The outcome of this investigation could lead to significant urban planning and traffic management reforms.