June 11, 2024

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A Western Australian mother, Rachel van Oyen, has been charged in connection with a devastating car crash in Carrabin that tragically killed her two young daughters.

Carrabin Crash Overview and Court Proceedings
The case was recently mentioned in Northam Magistrates Court, where the magistrate was informed that van Oyen is finding the legal process emotionally challenging. The matter has been adjourned until August 5 to allow her time to seek legal counsel.

Tragic Loss and Charges
The Carrabin crash occurred in February, when van Oyen allegedly drove a Toyota Camry into a tree. Her seven-year-old twin daughters, Macey Anne and Riley Hope, were tragically killed in the collision. The family was returning to Perth after visiting relatives in Kalgoorlie. Police allege that van Oyen was driving carelessly at the time of the crash.

Mother’s Grief and Remorse
Van Oyen has expressed her deep grief and remorse over the loss of her daughters on social media, sharing her feelings of helplessness and the immense pain she is experiencing.

This heartbreaking Carrabin crash serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences of road accidents. As the legal process unfolds, the community mourns the loss of two young lives and offers support to the grieving mother.