March 10, 2024

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Brisbane is united in grief over the loss of Tia Cameron, an 18-year-old struck by a bus in a shocking accident within the city’s CBD. The incident, occurring during peak hour, has sparked widespread tributes and a quest for clarity on the circumstances that led to the tragedy.

Incident Details
Tia Cameron, just exiting Milash beauty salon, was fatally injured when a bus veered onto the footpath, striking her and colliding with a building at Edward and Ann streets. Despite immediate emergency response, Cameron succumbed to her injuries at the scene.

Community Response and Tributes
The Brisbane Club, where Cameron was employed, along with the broader community, has been left reeling by the news. Salon owner Minh Phan recounted Cameron’s cheerful demeanor moments before the accident, highlighting the profound shock and sorrow felt by those who knew her.

Investigation and Safety Measures
Authorities, including Queensland Police and Transport for Brisbane, are conducting thorough investigations to unravel the crash’s cause. The bus had undergone recent safety checks, and the driver, noted for their experience, is also receiving attention in the aftermath.

Mayor’s Assurance
Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner expressed his condolences, emphasizing the city’s unity in supporting Cameron’s family and friends. He reassured residents that every aspect of the incident would be scrutinized to provide answers and ensure the safety of public transport users.

As Brisbane mourns Tia Cameron, the community’s focus turns to supporting one another and honoring her memory. The ongoing investigation aims to bring understanding and prevent future tragedies, reinforcing the city’s commitment to safety and solidarity in times of loss.