Cruise Ship

MSC Seaside

Incident Type

Crew / Passenger Crimes

Date of Accident

May 18, 2024

Location of Accident

Near Genoa, Italy, originally en route from Marseille

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A grave incident unfolded on the MSC Seaside as four passengers were arrested upon the ship’s arrival in Genoa, Italy, accused of sexually assaulting an Italian female passenger during the voyage.

Details of the Incident

The alleged sexual assault occurred onboard while the ship was navigating from Marseille to Genoa. The suspects, all recently turned 18, were apprehended by the ship’s security and were kept in the brig until the ship docked at Port Genoa. Subsequent actions involved comprehensive investigations by the local police, who collected evidence including CCTV footage and witness testimonies.

Operational Context

The MSC Seaside, a prominent cruise ship known for its Mediterranean itineraries, became the scene of a serious crime allegation. The ship was detained in port for approximately 12.5 hours as Italian authorities conducted thorough onboard investigations. This incident underscores the challenges faced in ensuring passenger safety in international waters.

Legal and Security Actions

Following their initial detainment on the ship, the four accused were handed over to Genovese police. The intervention of the local Prosecutor’s Office facilitated a meticulous legal process, allowing the ship to resume its itinerary upon completion of the necessary legal protocols.

Aftermath and Cruise Line Response

MSC Seaside was allowed to continue its scheduled journey after the necessary legal clearances from the authorities. MSC Cruises has reiterated its commitment to passenger safety and its cooperative stance with law enforcement to ensure a secure environment onboard.

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