Cruise Ship

Viking Mars

Incident Type

Crew Death (overboard)

Date of Accident

18th August 2023

Location of Accident

Saltburn Pier in Port Cromarty Firth/Invergordon, Scotland, UK

Total Number of Deaths


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On 18th August 2023, during the ship’s stop at Saltburn Pier in Port Cromarty Firth/Invergordon, a tragic accident occurred where a 40-year-old crew member fell overboard. Despite immediate medical intervention, the individual later succumbed to his injuries.

Details of the Incident

At approximately 11 am Scotland time (10 am UTC), while the vessel was docked, the crew member, a Filipino Fireman/Seaman, accidentally fell from deck 2. It is understood that he was in the process of securing the gangway or passenger bridge when he lost his balance, subsequently striking the concrete pier and then plunging into the water.

Swiftly responding to the incident, the Scottish Ambulance Service dispatched two land ambulances, an air ambulance, and a specialized trauma team to the site. The crew member received immediate medical care on the scene before being airlifted to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Foresterhill for further treatment. Despite all medical efforts, he passed away later that day due to the severity of his injuries.

Health & Safety Scotland, as well as Police Scotland, have been informed of this unfortunate event.

Operational Context

This incident transpired during the ship’s 14-day voyage, which began in Bergen, Norway and was slated to end in London, England. Spanning from 15th to 29th August, the journey’s route included stops in various parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales, and Ireland.

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