May 15, 2024

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In a concerning road incident west of Brisbane, nine people, including six children, have been injured following a collision between two vehicles.

Details of the Incident
The crash occurred at the intersection of Coominya Connection Rd and Mount Tarampa Rd, Mount Tarampa, around 8:53 AM on Tuesday. The impact involved two cars, leading to injuries among all passengers and drivers.

Injuries and Medical Response
Emergency services swiftly responded to the scene. Paramedics treated eight individuals from one of the cars—two adults and six children—for minor injuries. All were transported to Ipswich Hospital in stable condition. The occupant of the second car also sustained minor injuries and was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital in a stable state.

Traffic Impact and Current Status
The accident caused temporary traffic disruptions in the area. Authorities managed the flow of traffic while emergency crews attended to the injured and cleared the scene. Traffic conditions on Coominya Connection Rd have since normalized.

Community and Safety Measures
This incident has raised concerns within the community regarding road safety, especially at busy intersections known for frequent traffic. Local authorities are urged to review safety measures to prevent future accidents.

As the community recovers from this distressing event, the focus shifts to implementing stronger safety protocols on the roads to safeguard all motorists and pedestrians, particularly in areas prone to heavy traffic.

Further Information: Residents and motorists are advised to stay informed about road conditions and safety advisories issued by local authorities to avoid similar incidents.