No Win No Fee Injury Claims Explained

A “no-win, no-fee” arrangement provided by law firms like Carter Capner Law addresses affordability for clients who need legal representation for claims for loss of income from accidents, personal injuries and some other cases.

Also called “no-win, no-charge” and “no-win no-pay”, fees and case expenses are payable only when the claim is finalised and only then, if it results successfully .

With your lawyer assuming the financial risk of prosecuting your case, you are able to concentrate on your recovery and how best to provide for your family in the meantime.

Even in obvious cases of negligent injury, it is surprising how many injured workers, car accident passengers, pedestrians, bus and train accident victims are hesitant to proceed, for fear of legal costs.

With no win no fee, your law firm takes care of those financial risks, provided you follow advice.

The Australian legal system is intended to provide access to justice across all socio-economic ranges. But for those on a tight budget, of a fair go in court would be cost-prohibitive but for the no win no fee option.

Whether you require car accident lawyers after a motor vehicle incident, need to assistance with a WorkCover claim, medical negligence or any personal injury claims, our compensation lawyers are here for you.

If you are suffering financial loss as a result of an accident, contact us at Carter Capner Law to talk about the no win no fee option. We will quickly assess the facts to determine if there are reasonable grounds to pursue a compensation case against the negligent party.

If you need more information regarding no win no fee, call 1300 529 529 and discuss today.