Questions and Answers from the session

Q Will sellers accept an electronic signature?

A. Yes – if there is scope for such a process included in the documents. The seller must have consented to the method of electronic signing used.

Q After finding the paper stack on your website are we able to PDF that paper work off to the buyer or solicitor for the buyer to preview before signing?

A. The contracts documents are generated through an authorised user’s password-protected portal that produces a single PDF at the user’s end. They can be printed for handing to the buyer or posting. Or they can be  emailed to the buyer or solicitor.

Q Are all of these online programs run through Cartner Capner Law?

A. Yes, on-line document delivery; on-line contract administration & reports; and on-line document indexing all run via a web-portal through our platforms. However sellers can use their own contract precedents rather than those of CCL.

Q Does a property developer have to disclose referral fees to a financial planner or marketing fees to a lead generator in the PoA Form 8?

A. Yes. The only exception to disclosure of remuneration in respect of a sale is for a real estate agent as regards (straight) commission.