Lloyd Perrett, a former NRL prop, is preparing to sue the Manly Sea Eagles after a life-threatening seizure at a 2017 training session prematurely ended his football career. He describes the experience as having “taken everything” from him, physically and mentally.

The Incident
In 2017, during a rigorous training session, Perrett collapsed due to a severe seizure, reportedly triggered by heatstroke and dehydration. Denied water and pushed beyond exhaustion, he woke up in the hospital surrounded by medical staff and feared for his life.

Perrett was left unable to move his arms and legs and realized his professional career was effectively over. He recalls the devastating effects of the seizure, his struggle to return to play, and how he was later subjected to a breach notice for not meeting the club’s physical standards.

Keith Titmuss’s Death
The death of Manly Sea Eagles rising star Keith Titmuss in 2020 due to exertional heatstroke was the final push that compelled Perrett to pursue legal action. He felt an overwhelming sense of survivor’s guilt, knowing that the same fate could have easily befallen him.

Legal Proceedings
Lloyd Perrett is now being represented by Carter Capner, a Brisbane law firm, as they work to establish a link between unsafe training practices and his medical condition. Peter Carter, the Legal Practice Director, believes there is sufficient evidence to proceed with a case in the NSW Supreme Court.

This lawsuit aims to highlight and prevent further “torture training” that can lead to life-altering consequences for athletes. Perrett’s goal is to create safer standards and make trainers accountable for pushing players beyond their limits.