Cruise Ship

Carnival Vista

Incident Type

Boat Rescue

Date of Accident

December 13, 2023

Location of Accident

Off the coast of Dominicana

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On December 13, 2023, Carnival Vista was instrumental in a dramatic sea rescue operation. Responding to a distress call in the early hours, the ship, under the command of Captain Paolo Severini, aided a capsized cargo ship off the coast of Dominicana, successfully rescuing six men stranded at sea. This heroic act was coordinated with Carnival’s Miami-based Fleet Operations Center and showcased the importance of quick response and teamwork in maritime emergencies.

Details of the Incident

After receiving the emergency alert, Captain Severini altered the ship’s course to reach the distressed cargo vessel. The officers on duty managed to spot the men on a liferaft and promptly executed the rescue operation. The Dominican Republic’s Coast Guard concurrently initiated a search and rescue mission for the cargo ship’s other six crew members. Following the successful rescue, Carnival Vista was released to continue its voyage.

Operational Context

This rescue operation took place during Carnival Vista’s 6-day “Eastern Caribbean Cruise.” The itinerary, running from December 10 to 16, included roundtrip travel from Port Canaveral/Orlando, Florida, with calls at Nassau (Bahamas), Amber Cove (Dominicana), and Cockburn Town on Grand Turk Island. The incident highlighted the vessel’s preparedness for unforeseen emergencies and the crucial role of cruise ships in maritime rescue operations.

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