Accident and illnesses can happen anytime, including foreign countries, aboard aircraft and airports, at hotels, resorts, on the road and travelling by sea and air. No matter what the injury Carter Capner has travel compensation specialists to help you. Compensation is available for pain and suffering, expenses, loss of holiday enjoyment and diminution of future earning capacity.

We also conduct expense claims concerning carrier or travel agent holiday interruption and delay. If you have specifically been injured during commuter or recreational flight, you can find more information about aircraft accidents here.

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Hotels & Resorts

If you have been injured in a hotel or resort, whether staying in Australia or abroad, please get in contact with us because you may be entitled to compensation.

Theme Parks & Attractions

We conduct claims against theme parks – Dreamworld, Movie World, Seaworld and other attractions for all negligently caused injury whether as a result of a dangerous ride or from other theme park patrons.

Resorts against whom claims may be brought include: Sheraton, Starwood, Shangri-la, Marriot, Peppers and others across Australia, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.


International conventions, exemptions and contract ticketing are special features of all domestic and international travel injury claims. Cross-border jurisdictional issues constantly confront tourists injured abroad or at sea. Online bookings and standard form contracts present another layer of legal complexity that requires specialist consideration. Australian consumer laws can apply to international injuries.

We also conduct expense claims concerning carrier or travel agent holiday interruption and delay.

Coach Holidays

Accidents and illnesses in foreign countries including traffic accidents, highway collisions, rest stop injuries and in-transit.

Airport Injuries

Passengers are entitled to injury compensation for accidents that occur in airport terminals, during transfers, embarking and disembarking. Injuries can happen anywhere inside an airport, with the following types:

  • Trips and falls - Airports have a duty of care to maintain high safety standards for passengers. This includes keeping walkways clear of hazards
  • Pulled muscles - Lifting luggage during security checks can cause muscles strains
  • Crushed extremities - The use of conveyor belts and other types of machinery in airports can put the public and staff members at risk of injury

Carter Capner can help airport employees and travellers who have sustained injuries in an airport terminal.

Baggage & Cargo

Air carriage law imposes special rules relating to claims for delayed, lost and damaged cargo, checked baggage and cabin baggage. Liability limits and special time limits apply, but Carter Capner can still provide you with advice on how to recover the cost of lost or damaged luggage.

Flight Disruptions & Cancellations

If your flight has been cancelled or disrupted in anyway you may be entitled to compensation.

This includes:

  • Engine failures
  • Mechanical issues
  • Ash cloud diversions
  • Interrupted itineraries
  • Airport closures
  • Flight re-scheduling
  • Adverse weather
  • Visa complications
  • Denial of boarding
  • Passenger disruption
  • Terror threats

Please contact us directly and our specialist aviation lawyers will assist you further.