March 13, 2024

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A distressing incident occurred at the intersection of Guanaba Creek Rd and Stewart Rd in Guanaba, where a car collided with a power pole, resulting in significant injuries to two young occupants and prompting a thorough investigation by the authorities.

Incident Details
The collision, which took place just before 8.25 pm on Tuesday, involved a 25-year-old male driver and his 19-year-old female passenger. The impact was most severe on the passenger side, yet it was the driver who suffered more serious injuries, including to his lower limbs.

Medical Response and Hospitalization
Both individuals were promptly attended to by emergency services at the scene. The driver, with serious injuries, and the passenger, with basic fractures, were taken to Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment and further assessment.

Investigation and Scene Clearance
Following the accident, the vehicle was removed, and the area was cleared, allowing for normal traffic flow to resume. The Forensic Crash Unit of Queensland Police is conducting an in-depth investigation to ascertain the crash’s causes and circumstances.

This unfortunate event highlights the importance of road safety and the potential consequences of traffic accidents. As the community hopes for the swift recovery of the injured, the ongoing investigation aims to provide insights that could help prevent similar incidents in the future, ensuring safer travel for all road users in the area.