March 30, 2024

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In a distressing turn of events on the Barrier Highway in Ucolta, SA, Brevet Sergeant Mark Woods, a well-regarded police officer, was struck by a car during an attempted vehicle stop. Thankfully, he is on the path to full recovery, underscoring the inherent dangers of police work.

Incident Recap
The incident occurred at 3 pm on Friday when Sergeant Woods attempted to halt a vehicle. The car, instead of stopping, hit him and sped away, necessitating urgent medical attention for Woods at Peterborough Hospital before being airlifted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Community Support and Officer’s Condition
The Orroroo community, where Woods is highly regarded for his involvement and service, is rallying in support, with many expressing their wishes for his swift recovery. The news that Woods is expected to fully recover has brought relief to colleagues, residents, and the broader law enforcement community.

Legal Proceedings and Investigation
Following a determined pursuit, the driver, a 43-year-old Victorian man, was apprehended and faces multiple charges, including attempted murder. His vehicle has been confiscated for forensic examination, playing a crucial role in the ongoing investigation and upcoming legal processes.

As Brevet Sergeant Mark Woods recuperates, his experience serves as a poignant reminder of the risks police officers face daily. The incident has galvanized community support for law enforcement, highlighting the vital role of police in maintaining public safety and the collective hope for Woods’s complete recovery.